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Website deleted!

Posted by Kylie on Friday 22nd April 2016

We have had a few problems with our website over the past few days, we were one of the unlucky websites to have been deleted over the weekend by our hosting company in a huge administrative error by ‘123Reg’ who deleted active website servers & their backups!

We have been able to get our website back from backups we made ourselves but unfortunately the last backup was in October 2015, so any blog posts since October have now been lost.  We are very sorry but this will explain why some parts of our website may not seem up to date, we are working to rectify this but it may take a while! –

Website Down

Posted by Kylie on Friday 22nd April 2016

Thank you to all our visitors who have experienced difficulties in viewing our website during the past 5 days.

This was caused by our website company deleting the server that our website was hosted on.

123Reg hosts 1.7million UK websites and during a routing clean up of its servers accidentally deleted 67 of it’s servers running Virtual Private Servers. To add to this blunder 123Reg also deleted the backup data held for our website in the same miss-hap and did not keep backups of their own.

This blunder made national press BBC, The Daily Mail & many IT publishers.

Take a look at this google search for this.

Ultimately we did have a backup but was a few months old, consequently we have lost some data for our events on the website from Late September to now. We will endeavour to re-upload the information and bring the website up to date as  soon as possible.

Our signup & booking information are unaffected – it only affects people wishing to view our past events over the past 6 events.

I appreciate your understanding and look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon.